Individual Counseling

Deciding to step into counseling to address issues and questions from your past and present is an important move. At Common Threads Therapy, LLC, you will be welcomed, listened to, and equipped to heal and grow into a stronger future. Wherever you're at in life, your Common Threads therapist will meet you where you're at in an environment you can feel safe in.

Couples/Marriage Counseling

Relationships are hard, and therapy can help couples get past tough circumstances and gain new tools to help their relationship to thrive. Dr. Brown, lead clinician at Common Threads Therapy, has utilized a variety of couples therapy approaches and has completed levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Gottman certification program. The Gottmans' evidence-based couples therapy approach brings depth, healing, and growth to couples, and as one of the few Gottman-trained psychologists in the region, Dr. Brown and the professionals at Common Threads Therapy are eager to be a part of your relationship's successful counseling journey.

Military, Veteran & First Responder

Common Threads understands the unique challenges military service-members, veterans, and first responders face. Dr. Brown has extensive experience helping those who serve, in addition to their spouses and families, to heal and grow from their experiences, which includes their years as VA psychologists.

Serving those who served is one of our core values at Common Threads Therapy, LLC.